Thursday, May 11, 2006

A World of Hollies

Several years ago I came across another Holly Murdock online. She was a cheerleader in Texas. I remember thinking, "In what kind of weird parallel universe could I be a Texas cheerleader?!" I can't think of anyone who could live in America, share my name, and have such a different life. No one would ever mistake me for a cheerleader. I've been incredibly curious about the other girls who share my name since then. Holly is common, Murdock fairly common, but how often could they be put together? More often than I thought.

The most famous Holly Murdock is a gymnast from Northern Ireland. I run across her all the time. According to her official site, "Holly is the highest ever British gymnast in World Championships history, with her 14th place all around finish in Belgium in 2001." She went on to compete for UCLA. Her middle name is Claire, so our name similarity ends there. If you google me you will get her.

There is a Holly Murdock who managed the 2005 Lady Eagles soccer team for Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. Another Holly is a writer in Friendswood, Texas. A Holly Murdock Ashley received a "B.Tech. Industrial Technology: Industrial Safety" from the University Of Idaho Idaho Falls in 2001. The Human Resources Generalist for Thule Trailors in Winslow, Maine is a Holly. Contact her if you want to apply for a job.

According to Forbes Magazine Holly Murdock installed software for Tom Gores of Gores Technology Group. They married in 1995 and have two children. Holly Murdock of Edwards Technology is on the Board of Directors for the Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce in Newport, Maine. Holly is also a teacher at First-Plymouth Early Education in Lincoln, Nebraska and is part of a research project to "experiment with strategies and technologies intended to promote shared discussion about young children's visual-spatial learning at school and home."

Rattler Athletics at St. Mary's University gave Holly Murdock a post season academic honor in 1993-94. Holly is also in charge of hiring for radio station 101.7 BOB FM in Texarkana, Texas. Holly even took GOVT 2305 at Texarkana College. Holly Ann Murdock received a scholarship at the University of Kansas for her senior year in 2001-2. Her major was Liberal Arts and she was on the honor roll in Fall 2001. Holly is a library aide at Worthington Elementary in Worthington, Indiana. In 2002 Holly Murdock won 2nd place in a vocal competition at the Water Follies Talent Show in Washington state.

Holly Murdock is the main character of a romance novel titled Priceless by Georgia Bockoven. A 4 star review describes the plot: "Getting hit over the head and robbed in Tennessee is not exactly what Cole had planned, but his misadventure does bring the irrepressible Holly Murdock into his life." Irrepressible? I wonder if anyone would describe me that way. Holly is also a purebred Burmese show cat.

And then there is me, an interior design student in Utah. Right now I show up on Google's search on page two with my Statesman article, and on page 3 for the ASID rug competition. We'll see what happens when the IIDA press release comes out. There are a lot of other Hollies out there, but I'm the one who owns the domain name.

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Karen said...

When I google "Karen Bowling" I always get many, many hits for a photographer in Indianapolis. There is also the "Karen B" who is a hospital administrator in Raleigh and the public relations "KB" in Florida. If anyone from high school googles me I leave a pretty good impression!