Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I am moving out of the studio. I've lived here more hours this year than I've lived at home and don't even know where to start. I have a fabulous book by Paul Smith called You Can Find Inspiration in Everything*: (*and if you can't, look again). In it he has a pullout that lists in miniscule print every single item he owns. It's an interesting exercise in urban archeology. I don't have time for that but here is a list of some of the odd things I've accumulated over the year.
  • Sample donations from the seniors: glass, 3form, bamboo and a Sherwin Williams paint deck!
  • My own stash of samples that includes enough fabric from Maharam and ArcCom to make a crypton quilt.
  • A wedding announcement from Susan. Congratulations!
  • A deck of Architectural Vocabulary Cards my dad gave me. He bought it at the Salt Lake Library Store. Now I know the difference between an English bond, a Flemish bond, and a Garden bond (brick patterns).
  • A pair of 4" brown leather boots I took off when I couldn't walk another step. Curse Charlotte Moss and her "I judge my potential clients by the shoes they wear" advice.
  • More magazines than I will ever know what to do with. My favorites: Metropolis, Objekt, Interior Design and Communication Arts.
  • Binders from every project I've done. Even my sophomore binders are here, and they are all huge!
  • Tear files take up 3 more large binders, and I'm ready to expand to 5.
  • An application for the graduate program at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture in Houston. Hmmm, I think I'll hold on to that.
  • The FedEx Receipt for $18.64 from the internship application I sent to William McDonough + Partners. They said no, but I'm proud of myself for trying. I think I'll keep it so when I'm famous I can show it to him and tell him what he missed out on. ;)
  • My midterm exam from Architectural Systems last fall. I took 17 credits from Steve and he only gave 1 test. I got 100%.
  • All the design development from my dialysis center - sketches, research, programming. I loved that project. It became very personal and very gratifying.
  • A note from Woolley. I still haven't forgiven him for leaving.
  • A box of Frosted Shredded Wheat - the usual breakfast at my desk.
  • Books. I'm addicted - it's what I spend my money on. Some are from the library and need to be returned.
  • The blanket I wrapped up in all winter because the heat doesn't work. I took the space heater home over spring break.
  • Hundreds of dollars in Prismacolor markers - literally! I can't bring myself to throw out the dried ones until I try filling them with alcohol to see if they will revive.
  • The Gandhi laserdisk I got at the awards banquet for being "Undergraduate Researcher of the Year" - by default. No one else is doing research.
  • "Rabbit Shouting Graciously Around the Bicycle" Last fall KC and I cleaned out some old projects that were being thrown out and this needed to be saved. It's been on the ledge in front of my counter all year. Maybe I should send it to MOBA.
  • Two calculators. I try to avoid math but sometimes it's inevitable.
  • Scrap pieces from my dialysis center model I built last fall. I need to clean things out more often.
  • Business cards from sales reps. I wonder when I will get to use them.
  • Empty color ink cartridges from my printer. If you recycle them at Staples they will give you $3 credit for each one.
  • 2 bottles of Sobo glue. Awesome for models and it doesn't wrinkle paper.
  • Needle-nose pliers and a set of screwdrivers. You need them more often than you'd think.
  • 25 ft measuring tape, 3 ft measuring tape, a scale and 3 rulers.
  • My baby maglight. I wondered where that went to!
  • An article I printed out from IIDA: "Design Competitions - Why? And what it takes."
  • Insurance package for study abroad. I have $100,000 coverage while I'm out of the country. I wish I could get it in the country.
  • 4 inking triangles in 3 sizes and 3 colors.
  • Poster advertising Scott Corridan's visit here. I hope I run into him again some day.
  • A note from Darrin. I hope he doesn't leave.
  • More 3Form. Cool!
  • The new Moleskine to take on my internship.
  • A quote from Thoreau I jotted down: "Wisdom does not inspect, but behold. We must long for a time before we can see . . . The question is not what you look at - but how you look and whether you can see."
  • Pieces of stained glass I bought for the Jamie Drake project.
  • The cool messenger bag I got free from Herman Miller at NeoCon West.
  • A postcard of the Getty Center, from before I got to go to the Getty Center.
  • Now Sting's cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" is playing on iTunes. I love that song.
  • Several kitchen size garbage bags. They are perfect for covering projects, especially when it rains. And it always rains the day a project is due.
  • A dime. It's not mine but I'll keep it. I need all the help I can get.
  • A penny. I'll take that too.
The car is full. I will come back tomorrow for another load. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Seriously, where did all this stuff come from!?


Karen said...

I LOVE the rabbit art!
Where can I get a print of "Rabbit Shouting Graciously Around the Bicycle"?

Holly said...

You can have the original! It needs a loving home. It even comes with an essay on the back explaining the significance of shouting rabbits.

Loralee Choate said...

I SUCK at throwing stuff out (Cleaning as well. Sigh)

I agree that is one very cute rabbit pic! Karen, it will look so cute next to your art!

I don't envy the organizing but you are about to have the COOLEST summer ever!! GRIN GRIN GRIN!

Karen said...

I would LOVE to give the rabbits a home!!! Their photo makes me happy so it would be splendiferous to have that cheerfulness hanging in my front room!

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