Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So Far

My internship, and my career in design, has begun. I would love to dish about all that has happened over the last two days, but I've signed a confidentiality agreement. I can't spill all the company secrets, not that I know any.

So far I've spent my time in the materials library getting to know all the products very well. Sorting, filing, meeting sales reps, and getting very dirty. I made the mistake of wearing a skirt and heels the first day, and then sorted through tile samples all afternoon. I was filthy.

What I've learned so far: I don't like much of Maharam's fabric or wall coverings. Maybe it's just because I see it so often. I'm not crazy about Architex either. ArcCom, DesignTex and Knoll have much cooler stuff. I haven't seen any CF Stinson here and they got rid of all their Pallas textiles because they didn't use them. Wolf Gordon and MDC have some seriously hot wallcoverings. The new trend from Kimball Office is a mocha cherry wood and light turquoise fabric. It think it's gorgeous but Julie, the sales rep, says it reminds her too much of the '70s. Bernhadt and Patrician have some really beautiful commercial furniture. Viewnique is a company that digitally imprints wall murals of any size. I hate putting away paint and laminate samples. It takes forever!

I got to take home three boxes of 3Form because the new samples arrived. 3Form samples are as good as gold and now I'm swimming in it!

The key to interior design is knowing what materials and furniture are out there and having access to it. And sales reps really are your best friends.


Amy said...

Totally stupid question from an uninformed reader...What is the 4Form? Or is it 3Form? Sounds like foamcore in fancy colors....

Amy said...

P.S. How is your tassel design coming? I've been thinking about how one designs a tassel, and I'm having trouble being inventive. How do you do it?

Holly said...

Hi Amy,

I'm still thinking about the tassel. I usually start a design with research. For this I will look at as many O'Keefe paintings as I can to understand the essence of what she does. Her forms and colors, lines and shapes.

If I have time I'll read about her life and try to find a metaphor. Tassels are used to tie things back. Did she feel like she was held back in some aspect of her life? Would she find a tassel restrictive, or would it pull open something that was obscuring her vision? Did she see ornamentaion as beautiful or unnesessary? Was she traditional or modern in her outlook and aesthetic?

I'll think this all through a few days and then I put away everything I've learned. I'll start sketching and see what happens.

This is the basic process I go through each time. I start researching and drive myself nuts with questions!