Monday, May 22, 2006

Ode to an Apartment

Internet access is easier to come by than I expected, so I will take a moment to update you on my new digs. This is my lovely living room:

The couch (I refuse to call it a sofa, and it certainly can't be considered a loveseat) came with the place. The apartment is unfurnished but someone left this behind. The tv and CUTE country bench are mine. I know, hearts! I've had since I was a kid. One day it will be replaced with a Noguchi table. I'm not sure why I brought the tv - I'm too cheap for cable! The couch now has a lovely(er) sage slipcover.

The other side of the room features an abandoned futon.

If anyone would like to visit you can crash here. It's as comfortable as it looks. The bedroom is almost identical to this room, but smaller and minus the stray furniture.

Here is my view:


The kitchen is my favorite:

I wish I could take this drawer with me when I leave. Here is the bathroom.

And here is the clause in my contract that says I can't change a thing.

Don't they realize they could get more money if they let me do something like this?

This is actually a two bedroom apartment. I'm getting a great deal because the managers are using one of the bedrooms as storage. The door is locked but they just came by to get something out of the room. While they were carrying out a suspicious looking bundle I ran back to peek inside. This is what I found:

What in the world?! Should I be scared?

For SLC this is quite a cosmopolitan complex. My next door neighbors are Hurricane Katrina refuges. Above me is a family from Korea who have been here about a month. They're here to learn English and I think they're responsible for the flowers outside the window. Above them is a family from Nigeria. Everyone else are students - married and single.

My sister thinks it's ironic that I'm living here, but working here:

We've all got to start somewhere, and it's a step up from the studio.


Amy said...

What on earth is in all those bags? Are they bean bags, sleeping bags?

Holly said...

I have no idea! I didn't dare ask because I have a feeling it's best not to know.

They said something about gifts for family . . .