Sunday, May 28, 2006

What I Love: 3Form

Thank you, Amy, for asking about 3Form. I didn't think anyone would be interested but this gives me the perfect opportunity to write about one of my favorite materials. Designers get excited about innovative products that change the way they design. This is 3Form:

It's a plastic resin the company can embed anything into. They can put in leaves, flower petals, fabric, beads, lace, metal mesh, pebbles, digital images - anything you'd like. 3Form usually comes in panels, and it can be bent into any shape. You can make furniture, wall partitions, ceilings, and a million other things from it.

The best thing about 3Form is that it's environmentally responsible. Many of it's products are made from EcoResin that has a high recyled content. It's non-toxic and doesn't emit chemicals into the air. They're working on a new material that is 100% post-consumer HDPE, which is the plastic that shampoo and mustard bottles are made from. They are a company that pushes the boundaries of what's possible. 3Form is even a Utah product based in Salt Lake City. It is expensive through, and something you save for the most exciting projects. So you can imagine how exciting it is to have my own set of samples!


Amy said...

Thanks for explaining! I really appreciate your detailed answer--now I can talk to my designer sister and show off a bit!

Karen said...

The golden leaves are pretty.