Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stanley's Sunday

Today Flat Stanley and I went to church. My church is on a street called Holly Street. Stanley thought that was funny.

In church he played with the other kids in primary and had lots of fun.

On the way home I stopped and showed Stanley this giant ice fountain.

Isn't it cool? Stanley thinks so. But it was so warm today that the ice was melting fast.

After lunch Stanley played with Athena. He had another fun day.


Shannon said...

That is so funny! At first I thought you were just lonely over there in Denver but then I realized that it was a gift from Paige. I'm kidding. But that was really cute of her to give it to you. I loved your adventures with flat Stanley!

Shannon said...

I saw that JJ Abrams Ted Talk. It's awesome- it makes me realize how obsessed he is with people NOT getting answers!