Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stanley Goes to Work

This week Stanley has been coming to work with me. We ride a train from south east Denver to downtown. There are lots of cool places to visit in Denver.
This is the 16th Street mall.

Stanley really likes the Hard Rock Cafe. Look at that giant guitar!

This is Nike Town where Stanley tried on some new shoes.

There are lots of concerts at the Paramount Theater. Stanley wants to see Lenny Kravitz and Kelley Clarkson.

Stanley got tired of walking around so he tried out this bench.

Then he ran over and sat on this bench. They are hand painted by artists and make the street very colorful.

Then he jumped up to look at this cow. It has Denver painted right on it's side.

16th Street is really long and there are stores and restaurants everywhere.

Denver has lots of tall buildings built around historic buildings. Look down this road and you can see an old church.

This is the World Trade Center where I work every day. It's more than 25 stories tall.

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