Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Could Hear Them Breaking Free

Why couldn't my school choir have been this cool? I might have enjoyed singing if it had! The PS22 Chorus in New York sing my favorite song - ever. And do one of the better covers of "Private Universe" I've heard.

Here is an amazing live version of the original by Crowded House, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

So what was I singing in my choir? This song. Years after it was cool.

We also sang a song about painting a rainbow. No wonder I quit after the first trimester!


Shannon said...

Ah! I love "Private Universe" and it is one of the best songs ever. I'm surprised to see those kids do such a great chorus version of it too, thanks for sharing.

As for "Flashdance," what's up with the backup dancers? Did they pay a real aerobics class to come work out on stage or do you think Irene Cara accidentally walked into an aerobics class while during her performance? Who really knows...

Shannon said...

Hey Holly,
You are right. Brian certainly spoiled me on my birthday. Except the tea set came from the DI and the chair was on sale (so was The Office, on ebay). So really he didn't spend too much money, but it was nice to get so many lil' surprises.

Oh- so this is why I think Sawyer might be Irish:
First go here-
and watch where Sawyer says, "Same thing I've always done Kate- surviving." It sounds like he has an Irish accent! After I saw that I was watching the episode in season 2 where they have the funeral of Kate and Libby and Sawyer gets out a bottle of whiskey and says to Jack, "the Irish always drink when there's a funeral" and Jack says, "well I'm not Irish" and Sawyer replies, "well, neither am I..."

This makes me think that he might be Irish... now he was born in Tennessee when his father kills his mother and commits suicide but it never says who took care of him after that or where he was raised- perhaps he had relatives in Ireland? If he were to hide his Irishness it wouldn't be that weird because he is a conman after all, and he is always playing a role to hide his identity.
This is just a silly speculation and it would be funny if it were to happen.

Shannon said...

*sorry I meant Ana Lucia and Libby, not Kate