Friday, July 14, 2006

Modern Design

At 9:30 this morning we had to have our three carpet patterns on the wall ready for a critique. That made for a late night for almost everyone. These are mine:

Natural History Museum

Victoria & Albert

Science Museum

We need to have them reworked and ready to present to Brinton’s carpet by Tuesday.


Graffiti on Tower Bridge

More museums were on the schedule today. A Tube ride and a walk across Tower Bridge brought us to the Design Museum. I love the concept of their collection, to celebrate great design in our lives. Chairs, books, cars, clothing, and even tv programs made up the collection. The problem is there wasn’t much of it there. This should have been a much larger museum.


London City Hall



The next stop was London City Hall. I love this building. It is very playful for a government building. Why can’t we do something like this to the Utah State Capital? Because in the US we are afraid to try something new and different. Maybe they are much more open here is because they’ve already done everything. There isn’t much point to building a city hall that looks like Parilament.

We then headed to the Tate Modern. This is the most incredible museum I’ve ever been it. The collection of modern art is stunning. It was Calder, after Warhol, after Rothco, all mixed up. I saw the most stunning Jasper Johns and my favorite Picasso, Weeping Woman. I had no idea it was there and when I saw it across the room I ran to it! I stood there for several minutes studying the color and brush strokes. I once painted a master copy of it and I think I got it right. Out time there was too short. I wish I could have been there all day. But we had to get back, by way of the Millenium Bridge.


We had tickets to see Mary Poppins.


I’ve never been a big fan of the movie even though I grew up with it, and I’m not big on musicals in general. But the stage production is a lot of fun. They expanded the story, making it more about the family than about Mary, which strengthened the characters. The sets and costumes were very creative and it had more of a fairy tale quality than I expected.

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