Sunday, August 06, 2006

Admiring Detail

Notre Dame_007

Notre Dame_011

Notre Dame_036

Notre Dame_037

Notre Dame_059

Notre Dame_070

Notre Dame is as beatiful as I always imagined. The amount of detail dripping off every surface is astounding.

Notre Dame_079

I arrived during mass and tourists were still allowed to walk through and take pictures. It made me very uncomfortable. I don't know how the parishoners feel but it had to detract from the sacred nature of the service.

Notre Dame_088

This drinking fountain is just outside the cathedral. It makes you dizzy just walking by.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at the Louvre. I decided years ago to withhold judgement on I.M. Pei's glass pyramid until I saw it in person. Now I can say I love it. I think it fits the building perfectly and adds an amazing amount of light into the building.



Once inside the world's largest museum the crowds all went right to the Davinci Code sights. So I turned left and headed to ancient Mesopotamia. The first thing I came across was the Code of Hamurabbi! I love ancient history and have always dreamed of seeing it!

Code of Hammurabbi

I was in heaven!



I woulnd my way throught the exhibits on ancient art. It almost made me regret leaving my major in history. I came across the Venus de Milo almost by accident.


Then I found Nike of Samothrace. I can now die. There is nothing else I need to do in life. It is stunning.




After that the Mona Lisa was a disappointment. I've never been a huge fan and the adoring crowds were obnoxious.

In the Napolean III apartments I fell in love with this furniture. The color and lines are exquisite. I wish I had more time. I could live here forever.

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