Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Secret Life

My friend Loralee might just be the internet's most prolific blogger. Reading her blog is often better than watching a soap opera! I got this exercise from her.

First I typed the phrase "Holly needs" into Google. My search came up with this:

"Holly needs to stop trying to sell her body and concerntrate on singing a bit better."


"Holly needs wings."

Then I tried it with "Holly wants" and got:

"Holly wants to know what kind of power drives him, why terrifying visions of a churning windmill haunt his dreams, and just what he means when he whispers in his sleep that an enemy who will kill everyone is coming."

What kind of secret life am I leading?! I think all this might be happening to this Holly:

Which reminds me . . .

I am part of on online printmaking group. Last summer we were challenged to carve self-portraits. Mine ended up as an anime character.

My life in the alternate universe must be much more exciting, though no less busy, than it is here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My google search came back as "Reasons Brandon needs to suffer severe bodily harm"

Hmmm.....yeah that sounds about right. ;)