Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liberal Craziness, Day 2

This is a view of the craziness outside my building today. Protest drama came in the form the Pro Life Rally. SWAT teams dutifully arrived, but mostly to keep everyone on the sidewalk so they wouldn't be hit by the buses. Protestors are certainly passionate, no matter what they are shouting about. This woman with a bull horn was on an hour long anti-abortion rant. I wonder if she changed any minds. I wonder if anyone changed another's mind today.

I haven't had any luck on the celebrity front, but a friend in the office did. Susan ran out to Barnes & Noble and got this picture of Susan Surrandon outside of Earl's. 

I would put her outfit firmly in the what not to wear category. Who wears plaid pants?! But as a whole the democrats I've seen are universally bad dressers, as these pictures attest.

Further down the road were the Anti-Bird Porn protest group, because birds have a right to privacy too.

I got a copy of their manifesto. It's written in Russian on the back. 

Check out their website. These are important issues!

Bill and Hillary were out making sure everyone was registered to vote, but don't you think they're preaching to the choir? Wouldn't everyone at the DNC already be registered?

Then there was the Jesus Saves Guy, but he's always here so I don't think he counts. I didn't see any McCainiacs out today, but I did find Fox News. Not the local Fox, but the real Fox! I wanted to give them a hug too.

Sean Hannity got his own shout out below. Message to "Hillary's Non-Obama Supporters": Run! 

See what I mean about bad fashion?

Classy. Not just the twist open relax, but the VPL of the woman on the left.

I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of the donkeys riding around on segways, but one thing I haven't seen at the DNC are the homeless. There are a group of regulars that are on the streets every day but they are nowhere to be found this week. The joke is that they were all given movie tickets, but I suspect they were bused to Fort Collins. 

Stay tuned for Day Three.


Shannon said...

The bird porn HAS to be a joke! Seriously! That is messed up.

Thanks for showing your pics, they are a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT understand why you'd classify the anti-bird porn people as "liberal."

They are trying to get America back on the path to morality. What's "liberal" about that? It's just plain old decency.

Shannon said...

If I may quote her exactly:

"Further down the road were the Anti-Bird Porn protest group, because birds have a right to privacy too. I got a copy of their manifesto. It's written in Russian on the back. Check out their website. These are important issues!"

She said nothing further on the matter and didn't place her personal opinion about it whatsoever.

Second, so people porn is okay but when we get around defiling little birds it's just going too far? I guess, who cares about people when birds are the real importance.

Oh and hey Holly, how's it goin?

Shannon said...

Oh and one more thing. Darn the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet for their disgusting smut wildlife programs! Darn them all to heck!

The Parkinson Clan said...

Really Shannon---is there any call for that kind of language?

Anonymous said...

I am completely baffled by the bird porn thing. I don't know if I should laugh at the protesters or join them. I don't think I'll ever look at birds the same way again.

HeatherPride said...

Hi! New to your site - saw your link on Loralee and thought I'd pop over. I'm having a blast with all the pictures. (I'm an "R" too - can you even claim that anymore without getting the evil eye from everyone??)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the look into the dnc Hol. It's been fun to see things through your eyes.