Tuesday, November 06, 2007


When I moved this summer I left most of my old furniture behind. I only brought the basics - a bed, a dining table, and drafting table. I'm content to get by in a bare condo until I can afford to buy pieces I truly love. My new philosophy is that if it's not good enough for my future kids to fight over it when I die, I don't want it. That meant a few months of living on folding chairs, but my resolutions held firm.

Fortunaetly it didn't take long for me to fall in love. First I found an Artimide Mega Tolomeo floor lamp for a steal. The tag said there was a scratch on the shade, but there isn't. Even the salesperson couldn't find the defect and she gave it to me for the clearance price anyway. I took it right home and set it up in my living room.


It makes me happy, even with a folding chair.

I was even happier to find the perfect sofa at the same store. It took weeks for my order to arrive, but it was worth the wait.


The beige walls and vertical blinds will be going away soon, but until I find the perfect wall and window treatments, I'm content.


Susan said...

Loving your plan to fall in love. Also thinking I have a crush on what you ended up falling in love with -- especially the sofa!

Annie said...

Annie and I just bought the less cool, Ikea version of that lamp a few weeks ago.

Tim said...

i dig the philosophy. i think more people should follow that train of thought. it's true!