Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lucky Spendlove Murdock

LOGAN, UT– Lucky Spendlove Murdock’s luck finally ran out at 12:45 Thursday morning February 22, 2007 in Logan, Utah; following an extended illness. Lucky was born on or around January 1, 1992 in Logan, Utah, the son of a Golden Retriever father and a Cocker Spaniel mother. He was one of an unknown litter.

Lucky was born in Logan, Utah. He was abandoned as a pup, but later adopted by the Steve and Cheri Murdock family on Sumac Drive where he grew up as a happy and contented canine. He attended Logan Obedience School where he was a somewhat interested student. He led an active life when someone took him for a walk or if the door was accidentally left open. Lucky enjoyed laying around the house, begging for food, and hiding under the bed. He was a very kind and considerate canine who loved his human family and was greatly loved in return. His life was one of loving his family, especially his step-mother, Cheri Murdock. He enjoyed being petted and in being let outside to run around. He greatly appreciated being provided a secure and comfortable home. Family trips to his step-grandparents, where he could run wild and act nuts in their large yard was a highlight of his life.

He made friends easily and when someone showed him even the slightest attention they became a lifetime friend. Lucky will be greatly missed by all who loved him. He is survived by members of his human family which include: Cheri, Steve, Holly, and Shannon Murdock, all of Logan; Brandon, Jan, Paige, Oliver, Cameron and Aiden Murdock of Clinton; Bron, Rachelle, Ethan and Colin Murdock of Hyde Park, and Brett and Annie Murdock of Alta Loma, California. Lucky was greeted in Heaven by his step-greatgrandmother Zola Allen and feline step-brother Bodow. Burial will be at the Murdock Pet Cemetery Logan, Utah. Friends and family may call at the cemetery at any time. A graveside service will be held at a date and time that is yet to be determined.


Loralee Choate said...

Oh, that is sad. Poor puppy. He was just too cute.

Karen said...

Lucky was a friendly little guy. I know your family will miss him.